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By now, if you haven’t heard the name Steve Sisolak, your isolation has lasted much longer than this week’s quasi-quarantine. Steve Sisolak is an ex-county commissioner, and current Governor of Nevada, who’s past, present and even future lead to questions about integrity, cronyism and flat out fraud.


Clark County was first introduced to Sisolak about 11 years ago, when as a commissioner-elect, Sisolak frivolously sued McCarran airport over safety regulations. When safety restrictions on building heights were imposed, Steve turned to the courts to leech money from the airport. He claimed that the inability to grow his buildings upward and extra noise and “dust” from the planes would hinder his ability to make a living. This statement echoes today in a similar fashion to Sisolak’s entire shutdown of Nevada with no contingency plan for rent or reimbursement that has hindered the lives of almost every single Nevadan.

During Sisolak’s time as a County Commissioner, Nevada was struck by tragedy. On Oct 1st, 2017 the largest single massacre in Las Vegas occurred. 58 lives were lost, and our city was sent into a frenzy. No less than 24 hours later, Steve Sisolak opened a “Go-Fund-Me” account to raise money, intended for the victims of the tragedy.


3 years later, Route 91 victims are still questioning where the money went. Sisolak promised that the money would be audited, and a clear cut presentation would be shown as to where that money went. We see that some of that money made it to a scholarship, and about $12,000 of the 33 million raised was paid out. In 2018, an announcement was made that checks would be stopped. Sisolak’s fund claimed it never intended to directly give money to survivors, and about 30 million dollars of that money is still unaccounted for. No audit was performed and the original website was shut down. (However, that is not what his fund stated in its objective, as can be seen here-it was archived by FIGHT FOR NEVADA.

Fast forward to the present COVID-19 crisis. Due to this virus, the world economy is in shambles, people are almost completely quarantined and a “diet martial law” is slowly creeping its way into our country. All facets of life are currently heavily monitored or restricted, including; work, travel, and even our constitutional rights. On March 22nd, 2020, Steve Sisolak announced that Jim Murren would be heading the task-force embodied with the responsibility of leading the charge on the crisis.


Jim Murren and Steve Sisolak, are a match made in heaven; or hell, if you will. Jim Murren 

was also involved in the Route 91 shooting in various ways. Murren suspiciously sold off 18 million shares just 3 weeks before the Route 91 shooting and counter sued 1,000 of the victims. Just last month, Jim Murren sold over 600,000 shares of MGM stock and stepped down as CEO of MGM. Old habits die hard, and if this is any indication of forewarning or insider trading, it speaks volumes on his stock sales prior to the shooting. Among all these facts, Jim Murren is one of Sisolak’s largest donors, funneling a whopping $20,000 on the books during Sisolak’s 2018 gubernatorial election.


It makes absolutely no sense as to why Steve Sisolak would choose a non-doctor with absolutely no knowledge of virology, to lead a statewide movement. It has absolutely nothing 

to do with preventing pathogenic disease or bailing out the little guy during a crisis. It has everything to do with political opportunity. The same political opportunity Sisolak used to leech money from victims, sue our airport, and put his cronies into power alongside his iron throne.


We see you Sisolak. We are not fooled. We are not amused. You can contact Sisolak on his Facebook page, twitter @GovSisolak, by email, or by phone at (775) 684-5670 to inform him of your opposition to his poor handling of the crisis and appointment of Jim Murren. Sisolak has completely ignored follow up plans, help for individuals or small businesses, and instead has put a crisis opportunist like himself in charge of the recovery efforts.


- Nevada Freeman4/4

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