Gilbert isn’t just any lawyer. His father, a doctor, and his mother both were stricken by corona virus a couple of months ago. When they tried to purchase hydroxychloroquine, the Nevada Pharmacy Board deny them , he took action. According to Gilbert, they did obtain the drug and he saw his mother made a miraculous turn around after taking is.

Gilbert is also suing Gov. Sisolak and the Pharmacy Board trying to force them to open the market up in Nevada so doctors can legally prescribe hydroxychloroquine without restrictions. Sisolak and the Nevada Pharmacy board ignored the Mayo Clinic’s guidelines for using hydroxychloroquine. None of the Pharmacy Board staff are doctors. So far 2 nurses died of corona virus and another 167 people died state wide so far. States like Utah which have embraced hydroxychloroquine from the beginning have seen drastically lower fatality rates compared to Nevada

April 21, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter
360 News Las Vegas

Nevada Lawyer Joe Gilbert announced plans to pursue wrongful death lawsuits against Gov. Sisolak and the Pharmacy board members who unlawfully denied Doctors, nurses and patients the potentially lifesaving anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, which he says violated their constitution rights and causing their deaths.

If your loved one died here in Nevada from the corona virus, you may have case. For more information Call Mr. Gilbert at 775-210-1501 or visit his website at

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